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The cheeses of Anaga, delicious traditional product

From Degusta Santa Cruz we invite you to discover the cheeses of Anaga. A natural and artisan product that is part of the traditional recipes of the island. The cheeses of Anaga are, without a doubt, a product that carries all the essence and authenticity of our nature. We already mentioned it in the article Get to know the Anaga Rural Park and its agricultural biodiversity.In these lands a balance is maintained between man and nature that gives such incredible products as its cheeses.

Here the goats are milked by hand and the cheese is handmade to create an exquisite traditional product.

From ancient times to the present, the cheese of Tenerife has had a great relevance and a great social rooting.

Livestock is a resource for the population of Anaga. Goats are the main livestock raised in these mountains, which roam in semi-freedom through ravines and cliffs, which act as natural borders. The origin of this practice dates back to the times of our aborigines and the shepherds of the area still maintain this breeding practice.

The Anaga pastures provide a first quality raw material. Many varieties of cheese are produced in the region,
highlighting the artisan cheese of raw milk from Anaga, traditionally
traditionally very appreciated. The popularity of cheese in Tenerife’s gastronomy reaches the point that it becomes, together with potatoes and mojo, the key element in the most contemporary dishes inspired by Canarian cuisine. Fresh cheese, with its pleasant flavor with the aroma of freshly milked milk and a salty touch, is the most widely consumed. Others, with more personality, are smoked cheeses.

Some curiosities about this product: Approximately 7 liters of milk are needed to produce one kilo of goat cheese. This makes this product one of the foods with the highest amount of basic nutrients, from proteins and fats to vitamins A, B and D, not to mention its high calcium and phosphorus content. That is why its consumption is widely spread in our homes.

In the islands, we are lovers of healthy products and the flavors of our land. The Canary Islands is the Spanish Autonomous Community that leads in cheese consumption per person, with 11.1 kg per inhabitant per year, according to data referred to 2015 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. This figure is much higher than the Spanish average (7.78 kg).

Being a Biosphere Reserve recognizes the value of the natural products produced in Anaga. If you visit the area, in each farmhouse you can taste the authentic flavor of Anaga cheeses as a starter, or accompanying traditional recipes, even more avant-garde creations, where its flavor always takes center stage.


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