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Anaga yams, a local product to celebrate the arrival of winter

If you read our article About the Anaga Rural Park and its agricultural biodiversityyou already know that one of the most one of the most emblematic products of the municipality of Santa Cruz is the Anaga yam.


Already in the 18th century, the biologist and writer
José Viera y Clavijo
echoed them in his studies. We are talking about
a type of cultivation with great historical roots in the Canary Islands
In the past, it played an important role in alleviating famines and bad harvests.

The “ñamera”, the plant that gives rise to the fruit, is traditionally cultivated on the northern slopes of the westernmost islands, especially on the islands of La Palma, La Gomera and Tenerife.

The yam culture in the Anaga area is deeply rooted.

As described by Antonio C. Perdomo Molina, in his article

The yams springs of Anaga

“Anaga is the second largest cultivation area in the Canary Islands… In Anaga, the cultivated land used for yams is called a spring”.
Highlighting, in addition:

in the case of Anaga we can say without a doubt that the yams characterize the landscape of these humid ecosystems”.
.The Anaga yam is a tuber with a rough, brown skin. It is difficult to peel, although cooking makes this job much easier. The interior has a whitish color.

Yams are rich in carbohydrates and contain protein and an appreciable amount of vitamin C, as well as high starch and fiber content. It is a traditional food in many tropical areas, also known as Taro.

The yam has always played a traditional role in our gastronomy.

How do you taste the Anaga yam?

The yam in the Canary Islands is prepared in stew
and is a typical ingredient that is usually served with mojo or as a garnish to accompany salted fish. Although those with a sweet tooth
also enjoy it as an appetizer or dessert.
It is delicious chopped and sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon or accompanied with palm honey.

Christmas is coming, so if during the celebrations you are thinking of surprising your guests with traditional proposals, with this product you will achieve it.

The month of December, with the arrival of winter, is perfect to discover the secrets of the Anaga yam.
Anaga yam
. Ethnographic routes through different areas are prepared and the harvesters collect the fruits. So plan a gastronomic experience and discover the most authentic and natural side of the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, through our local products.


papitascon - Recetas y gastronomía de las islas canarias

El consumo tradicional de los ñames en Canarias Tradiciones Antonio C. Perdomo Molina.

IMAGEN | Por Keiner quejada mena [CC BY-SA 4.0  (], a través de Wikimedia Commons
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