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De la cumbre al mar

From the summit to the sea

We will start walking the PR-TF-3 at the last stop of line 916( That is if we want to save walking from sea level to that point, because climbing parallel to the ravines, first Bufadero and then Valle Brosque, has its charm, in the form of rugged landscapes and deep canyons, and also attractive smells …

Una excursión al faro de Anaga

An excursion to the Anaga lighthouse

Chamorga is a magical place. To reach this hamlet, we have to cross some of the most protected and humid areas of the Anaga Massif. Line 947 ( takes us to this village, from where we want to leave to reach the lighthouse of Anaga, after passing through Roque Bermejo. It will be a quiet …

Un paseo urbano con gastronomía “a la carta”

An urban walk with gastronomy “a la carte”.

True, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is far from being a flat city, so the following proposal is downhill, why suffer? This tour will be urban and is little – or not at all – publicized among tourists, but it will allow us to cross the city through some of the neighborhoods that are rarely visited …

Alternativas a la comida clásica

Alternatives to classic food

In a rural and protected environment such as the Anaga Massif, it is logical that a traditional, traditional cuisine predominates, a cuisine that continues to cook the recipes inherited from their elders. But if desired, there are alternatives. In the kingdom of gofio, honey, wine, goat meat and local fish, you can also find establishments …

El origen ligado al mar de Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The origin linked to the sea of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The influence of the sea, fishing and the port in the municipality is enormous. A very enlightening example is that one of the inhabitants of Santa Cruz, ‘chicharreros’, comes from the name of a fish. Originally, this was the name given to fishermen who arrived at the beaches with this species, and later it was …

Una apuesta por la pesca artesanal

A commitment to artisanal fishing

Among visitors to Tenerife in general, and Anaga in particular, there is perhaps one gastronomic product that is the most valued and sought after: fish. The great pantry of an island is always its sea; and Anaga is no exception. For this reason, not only has a large part of the terrestrial part of the …

Una apuesta por el turismo activo

A commitment to active tourism

This festival has been held for three years now and promotes the Biosphere Reserve in the three municipalities in which it is located: Tegueste, San Cristóbal de La Laguna and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The philosophy of this event is not only to activate rural tourism, but also to make life easier for the people …

When the plate marks the route

In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of something that has become a trend: any self-respecting tourist destination has to add an extra attraction to its visitors…

Aromas of Anaga

The coffee tree comes from Ethiopia and when the properties of its seeds were discovered in the 11th century.

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