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Santa Cruz vende más de 1.500 Bonos Consumo en menos de una semana

Santa Cruz sells more than 1,500 Bonos Consumo in less than a week

More than 200 establishments in the capital city of Tenerife belonging to the Commerce, Catering and Tourism and Leisure sectors have already joined the program.

Santa Cruz sells more than 1,500 Bonos Consumo in less than a week. This has been reported by the mayor of the capital of Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, who explained that “this initiative has been well received by the population since last Thursday were put on sale through the web”.

In this way, the mayor recalled that “the Consumer Vouchers can be purchased by anyone, whether or not a resident of the municipality, and may be redeemed until November 30 in the establishments of Santa Cruz that have joined the initiative”. He also stressed that “this project aims to encourage consumption in sectors particularly affected by the crisis we are experiencing because of the pandemic, and thanks to the grant of 300,000 euros awarded by the Corporation to FAUCA, will mean a direct economic injection of 800,000 euros in the business fabric of the municipality”.

For his part, the CEO of the Development Company, Alfonso Cabello, reported that “since its launch last Thursday, the vouchers belonging to the sectors of Commerce and Restoration have been the most in demand, although there has also been considerable interest in those for Tourism and Leisure, and noted that “establishments belonging to the five districts, and each of the beneficiary sectors of the program, have already had the opportunity to redeem these days the bonds of their customers, so it has managed to encourage consumption in trade proximity.

Cabello also stressed that “Santa Cruz has become the first municipality in the Canary Islands to implement an action of this type as a measure to alleviate the consequences derived from the health crisis that the business fabric has suffered, and is suffering”, and expressed that “the interest in the initiative has already reached other entities and institutions that are considering its implementation, as we have recently learned”.

The Councillor for Economic Promotion, Evelyn Alonso, explained that “more than 200 businesses have already joined and another 50 are in the process of validation, so it has also aroused interest for commercial establishments, catering and tourism and leisure,” and recalled that “there are three types of bonds, Commerce, Restoration and Tourism and Leisure; and citizens can purchase them by paying 50% of their total value, that is, 7.5 ¤ for the Commerce, which has a value of 15 ¤; 5 ¤ for the Restoration, which has a value of 10 ¤; and 15 ¤ for the Tourism and Leisure, which has a value of 30 ¤”.

On the other hand, the president of FAUCA, Abbas Moujir, emphasized that “the businesses that during these first days have accepted consumer bonds as a method of payment for their customers are already receiving payment of the amount corresponding to their redemptions, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the program in general and of what, a priori, may be the main concern of the businesses when joining the program”.

In this way, Moujir stressed that “in order to cover the largest number of establishments in the municipality and offer consumers an attractive offer to redeem their vouchers, the membership process for establishments in Santa Cruz will continue until the end of the program,” and noted that “we continue to encourage all SMEs in the municipality to join this initiative and benefit from the advantages it offers, both to them and their customers”.

Moujir also stressed that “any person, whether or not a resident of Santa Cruz, will have the option to purchase these vouchers and can buy a maximum of four of each type,” and stressed that “people who wish to do so may accumulate their vouchers in order to make purchases or purchases of greater amount to the individual value of each voucher”.

Through this initiative promoted by FAUCA with the collaboration of the Santa Cruz City Council, the aim is to reactivate consumption in the capital through an investment of 300,000 euros which, it is estimated, will have a direct effect on the economy of the municipality, through its local commerce, of more than 800,000 euros, which will directly help the business fabric and support employment.

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