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Market and km0 cuisine, a philosophy that tastes great.

market cuisine
kilometer 0
also known as
local cuisine
is based on the consumption of local products. A philosophy followed by many chefs in the city, committed to the recovery and use of local products. In addition to offering truly delicious dishes, market and km0 cuisine favors small local producers, which has a positive impact on improving the economy of the municipality. In addition, this helps reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, generally associated with food transportation.

Authentic taste and sustainability! In this type of kitchen, everything is an advantage.

Buy and eat what is nearby. A philosophy shared by many establishments in Santa Cruz.

The longer the time between harvesting and the final preparation of a dish, the more quality is lost. Nutrients and flavor dissipate quickly. The trend is to shorten the distance between the land and the stove.
What makes market and km 0 cuisine so special?


  • It gives prominence to the use of fresh, seasonal and local products. Most of the ingredients in the menu dishes are fresh, local and seasonal. If you go into the kitchens of establishments that work with market and km0 products, you will see ingredients in their original state, not canned or processed. And chefs will be able to tell you about their traceability: tell you exactly which farm the ingredients came from, or specify that they were bought locally from a farmers’ market or co-op.
  • Encourages the recovery of relics and heirlooms.
    Many chefs research and work on the recovery of traditional ingredients, with heritage in our cuisine. When producers and chefs work with traditional foods, they are investing in the future, in the territory and in preventing the product from becoming extinct.
  • He offers honest dishes.

Since fresh food has a lot of flavor, chefs often choose to serve it as simply as possible. The aim is to set the creative machinery of the kitchen teams in motion to create authentic and delicious dishes. There is nothing better than tasting a fresh and intensely flavored food, without the need to serve it with garnishes.

The goal is to bring quality ingredients to the table. A multitude of restaurants in Santa Cruz visit every day the Market of Our Lady of Africa, “La Recova”.to source and obtain ingredients from local farmers. Some of them even have their own vegetable garden to guarantee the quality of their dishes, as is the case with
Donkey Belly

Want to find out more? Visit Taste Santa Cruz and apply the km0 plan filter. Choose an establishment to go to and once there, discover the history behind its culinary proposals.

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