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Why do we love the exotic flavors of Santa Cruz so much?

Traveling to exotic places without leaving Santa Cruz de Tenerife is possible.
In the city there is a wide gastronomic offer that offers an endless number of new culinary proposals. Many of us are passionate about discovering new recipes. If they are exotic flavors with vibrant notes, all the better. But why do we like the gastronomy of other countries so much?

  • Arouse curiosity : Trying new dishes helps us to know and expand our taste memory. Discovering the gastronomy of other countries, as well as the creativity and combinations of ingredients, is like living a traveling experience without the need to carry a suitcase. It transports us to other places and that is always a plus if we are looking for the “surprise factor”.
  • New flavors, new aromas, new textures | Only through international cuisine can we know what a destination tastes like outside our borders. Exotic spices, unknown ingredients, original blends for us, but common in other parts of the world. Adventure and new sensations is what moves a good lover of exotic cuisine.
  • Mergers & Creativity | Many chefs in Santa Cruz work their recipes from research. Bringing the culinary baggage fruit of their travels and curiosity to the dishes they offer in their menus. So it is possible to live their own experiences in faraway places, through new gastronomic proposals that fuse techniques and products, from a very personal vision… Do you feel like trying a causa limeña, a good ceviche, an usuzukuri or a Sizzling?

It’s easy. Through,
you have the possibility to classify your searches
by selecting the “international” option
in Types of cuisine. A whole world of new flavors will open up before you that, if you are a food lover, you can enjoy.
exotic cuisine
you will love it.

Peruvian, Japanese, Mexican, Filipino, Korean cuisine. The incredible Italian cuisine, which is already a classic and always loved option. Continental flavors that always surprise. There are options for all palates.

The search begins. When you choose the establishment that most attracts your attention, you will find the “what to eat” section on each card. Browse through it and let yourself be surprised by their proposals and suggestions.

International touches and inspirations are protagonists in the city of Santa Cruz, which is always ready to eat.

We hope you enjoy your trip!

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