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Visitar  Anaga y conocer sus productos, una aventura llena de sabor

Get to know the Anaga Rural Park and its agricultural biodiversity.

The Anaga Rural Park is a protected natural area located in the Anaga Massif. Declared a Biosphere Reserve on June 9, 2015, this is a place with the largest number of endemic species in Europe and includes the area bounded by the municipalities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, San Cristóbal de La Laguna and Tegueste.

With an approximate area of 14,257 hectares,
to enter and discover its hamlets and the harmony that has been achieved between man and nature is quite an experience.

But in addition to being a natural environment of high ecological value and unique beauty, it is also an agricultural landscape that offers us wonderful products that you have to taste.
an agricultural landscape that offers us wonderful products that you have to taste.

This is one of the areas of the island with the most

with greater agricultural biodiversity.

Its abrupt relief and the way its inhabitants have adapted to their natural environment have led to a great diversity of beautiful and picturesque environments: walls and terraces that seek to take advantage of a fertile soil that results in a multitude of crops, varieties and agricultural practices.
fertile soil, resulting in a multitude of crops, varieties and agricultural practices.

Among its most emblematic products, the following stand out:

  • And the products elaborated like the WINE OF ANAGA, the WINE OF MORA, the ARTESAN CHEESE of raw milk of Anaga and the HONEY.

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The Anaga region maintains its legacies through traditional activities such as agriculture, livestock, fishing and handicrafts. The reserve offers a multitude of services, especially related to tourism, both locally and abroad. Thus, hiking activities, beaches or the local products trade maintain a small number of establishments spread throughout the different most populated areas of the Anaga Rural Park.

To consume Anaga products is to savor the landscape,

support the local economy and discover unique varieties.

From Degusta Santa Cruz we encourage you to discover its gastronomic offer, which offers authentic flavors. If you want to take the pulse of Anaga’s products, make a stop at The gangochera of Anagaa space that unifies all the production of the area or travels through its villages and hamlets in search of its peculiar culture and tradition.

You will be surprised.

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