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Santa Cruz pone en valor los mercados en el II Encuentro de Mercados Tradicionales

Santa Cruz celebrates the II Encounter of Traditional Markets of the Canary Islands

The event will take place tomorrow, Thursday, and can be followed at
and will bring together representatives from some twenty traditional regional and national markets.

Santa Cruz celebrates tomorrow, Thursday, from 09:00 hours, the second edition of the Meeting of Traditional Markets of the Canary Islands. This was announced by the CEO of the Development Company, Alfonso Cabello, who explained that “this is a professional conference in which representatives of some twenty Traditional Markets of the Canary Islands and other national locations such as the La Boqueria Market, will reflect and share their management experiences in the new context of the health crisis”.

For his part, the mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, stressed “that this type of meeting allows us to visualize the preponderant role that traditional markets play in the development of cities and their productive fabric”, while adding that “in the case of ours, it has long been projected, in addition to being a first-class open commercial space and quality, as a tourist attraction and an enclave of meeting and gastronomic tasting”.

In this sense, Cabello has indicated that “through this professional meeting, it will try to detect good practices developed, measures taken to regain consumer confidence, main challenges facing traditional markets, sustainability criteria for markets, the role of local and regional productions in traditional markets, or new marketing formulas,” and stressed that “this initiative, in addition to promoting the exchange of knowledge, promotes networking of this important economic sector of the cities.”

Guillermo Díaz Guerra, councilman responsible for Markets, understands that “this is an opportunity to highlight the impeccable track record of a facility that has earned a prominent place among residents and visitors, thanks mainly to the quality of its products.

“The II Meeting of Traditional Markets, which will be held at the Auditorium of Tenerife this Thursday from 09:00 am and can be followed live on the web and in the social networks of the Development Society, includes nearly a dozen presentations throughout the morning and two workshops in the afternoon,” said the mayor, who added that “on Friday the group of participants who have traveled from other islands and the mainland will visit sites of interest such as the Casa del Carnival or the Market of Our Lady of Africa.

“This action, which is part of the project called “Revitalization of consumption, trade and Traditional Markets”, is organized by the Development Society of Santa Cruz and the Market Nuestra Señora de África and is funded by the Directorate General of Trade and Consumption of the Government of the Canary Islands,” said the mayor, who added that “this second edition is marked by the serious crisis of Covid we have suffered, in which the Traditional Food Markets have played an important role.”

“Defend the identity of the municipal markets of Abastos; Promote commercial and gastronomic activities, particularly those located in the Traditional Markets of the Canary Islands; Revitalize and promote the Traditional Markets of the Canary Islands; Support the associated and cooperative trade; Enhance and communicate the brand Traditional Markets of the Canary Islands; Disseminate and promote the Canary products, local, kilometer 0; and create products that stimulate consumption and trade in the Traditional Markets of the Canary Islands and in the city, are other objectives that are pursued with this Second Meeting of Traditional Markets of the Canary Islands, “said the mayor.

In this way, Alfonso Cabello said that “this meeting will allow us to delve into very current and hot topics such as the commercial use of the tourist public in the Markets; The reforms of the Markets: Its role as a catalyst of its urban environment; the complementary commercial offer: supermarkets, tasting and new stores; Successful promotional initiatives; The management of the Markets and the social economy; Online sales and digitization; Markets and recycling, ecological initiatives; and the Plan of Traditional Markets of the Canary Islands”.

In this regard, Alfonso Cabello recalled that “the City Council continues to promote initiatives to help revive the sector by involving the Markets”, adding that “with this meeting we intend to promote the figure of Traditional Markets, but we are also supporting other initiatives that also benefit this group, such as the Bonds Consumption or the enhancement of the commercial fabric through the web. that will represent the retail trade and offer services to the trade while supporting the sale of local products and services”.

The first meeting of Traditional Markets of the Canary Islands was held in November 2018, as part of the commemorative events of the 75th anniversary of the Recova de Santa Cruz. Thus, the Development Society of Santa Cruz and the Cooperative Market Our Lady of Africa organized a day which was also attended by markets of Peninsula and Madeira. As a result of this initiative, cooperation between markets was strengthened and the National Confederation of Traditional Abastos Markets was finally created in November 2020.

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Santa Cruz pone en valor los mercados en el II Encuentro de Mercados Tradicionales Next Post
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