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New aid in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, benefiting the catering sector

In 2023, the City Council will grant a 100% rebate on the fee for the license to open a business.

In these difficult times we are living in, all the aid that comes from the public administrations to the Gastronomy, Hotel and Catering sector seems to be little and, without a doubt, is appreciated by the entrepreneurs and families who have or are trying to open a business in this important sector.

For this reason, the measure announced by the Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, in July 2022, gives a tremendous “shot in the arm” to entrepreneurs who are planning to open a business in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the near future.

The Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, has announced that, from 2023, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council will implement a very important fiscal measure, according to which the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Corporation will grant a 100% tax rebate on the Business Opening Licence fee for new establishments that open in the municipality.

Admittedly, the measure is generic and will have a beneficial effect on all economic sectors of the city and municipality, but it is no less true that, on this page of the Development Society and the “Degusta Santa Cruz” project, this measure will be doubly welcome and all the more appreciated.

In a gesture and an attitude that honors Mayor José Manuel Bermúdez and the entire Corporation over which he presides, this attractive action will be launched in 2023 “as a measure to continue encouraging economic activity in the capital and generating employment”.

The mayor said that, in addition, “this measure is in addition to an increase in the bonus for direct debit of receipts, up to 5% of the amount, which will also enter into force in 2023 and is intended to be a saving for families and the self-employed, who already enjoy others such as reductions in the garbage rate that came into force in 2022, the ICIO or other bonuses that remain in force in the city and municipality”.

It should be pointed out and emphasized that the measure is the result of a broad consensus among the different areas that, in one way or another, have an impact on it. This consensus has involved the area and council of Finance, led by Councilman Juan José Martínez, and the area of Spatial Planning and vice president of the Autonomous Municipal Urban Planning Management Agency, led by Guillermo Díaz Guerra, first deputy mayor of the capital city council.

To understand and value this initiative of the City Council, it is necessary to know that it will benefit all entrepreneurs who wish to start a business and an economic activity within the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which will not have to pay absolutely no fee for the so-called Opening License.

It is timely and appropriate to recall that, in addition to this attractive measure planned for next year 2023, other measures that were implemented in previous years continue to be added, such as a reduction in the facilities and works tax (ICIO), from 4 to 1.8% that occurred in 2016; to the 20% reduction in the waste treatment fee in 2017; to the bonus for the use of renewables, in 2018; the 100% bonus for kiosks or capital gains tax in case of inheritance (to 95%); or the most recent one, which came into force this year 2022, of elimination of the garbage collection fee for 97% of companies in the city and its decrease for almost 100.100,000 families.

This important municipal initiative will mean savings for the entrepreneurial business community, which the City Council has set at around 300,000 euros per year, and places Santa Cruz de Tenerife as the municipality, among the largest in the Canary Islands, with the lowest tax burden for its citizens and the second with the greatest economic freedom in Spain.

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