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Anaga por el mundo

Anaga for the world

The Anaga Massif in Tenerife, a Natural Biosphere Reserve, treasures on its steep slopes vineyards that were planted by the Portuguese in the 16th century. The particularity of this abrupt and ancient terrain (the volcanic building of Anaga is one of the oldest regions of the island), is presented as a rugged area with a landscape shaped by the mist of the trade winds, the green of the jungle and the saltpeter of the Atlantic. Together, they give the soils a mineral richness that can be perceived in the wines.

The aborigines of Tenerife called the village that is currently known as Taganana, Táganan, which means “place between mountains” or “surrounded by mountains”. That is the name of the wine that has put Anaga on the map in the world ranking of the industry. Its vineyards are difficult to access and therefore, at present, not many winegrowers are involved in this work. The generational changeover is of particular concern in this sector and is a challenge for the coming years.

“Envínate” is a project in which winemakers Roberto Santana, Alfonso Torrente, Laura Ramos and José Martínez immersed themselves in 2008, after meeting at university. With their Táganan wines, both with the reds, whites and plots, they have been able to combine all the personality of the Anaga grapes, resulting in very particular wines that are very saline and vertical. Roberto Santana is a Tenerife native who advises and works with local winegrowers to make wines of outstanding quality.

Plot wines or parcel wines are those made from grapes grown in specific plots of a vineyard. From the Amogoje plot, the Amogoje white Táganan, which delighted former US President Barack Obama almost a decade ago. From the Margalagua plot, the Táganan Margalagua, a red wine that has achieved 99 points in the Parker Guide in its 2020 vintage. Quite a challenge, as this guide is a world reference in the world of wine. This is not the only time it has achieved a high result, nor is it the only wine from its production to make the list. Award-winning vintages were 2015 and 2016 with 96+ and 96 points respectively, and 97 points for their 2017 wine.

The grapes from which this wine is obtained are listan negro and negramoll (in majority percentage) and 10% of white grapes. The white wines have also been awarded in these editions, the Táganan Campanario Blanco -Almáciga- with 96 points and the white Táganan. Envínate’s production can be found in the United States, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Germany, England, among others. A well-deserved recognition to a product of outstanding quality that we should not miss the opportunity to try when it is within our reach. Táganan wines give the remote village of Taganana a liquid link with the whole world.

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