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Anaga and the experience you were looking for

What do you feel like doing? Think about it… Sea?, mountain?, eating?, sailing? You will have to ask for something very strange for Anaga Experience( not to organize it for you… In case you are hesitating, read the offer carefully: aren’t you the most agile person in the world on a SUP board? No problem, there are few better beaches to get started in this sport than Las Teresitas, where Anaga Experience has its sports equipment. Las Teresitas has an ideal sheet of water to keep your balance and enjoy this sport… or a kayak, if you prefer. For those more experienced in this sport, the company is looking to organize excursions outside the breakwater to the neighboring beaches of Igueste, El Balayo -near the Cueva de Los Remordimientos of the legendary pirate Cabeza de Perro- or Las Gaviotas. These excursions, which will always be accompanied by boat monitors, will include a good meal in one of the local restaurants in Las Teresitas. Plan!

No desire for the sea? All the workers of the company are local experts willing to show the thousand corners that Anaga has to offer and, in all their excursions, they make an effort to show the local people, their culture and above all… their gastronomy. Do we dare to be taken to Chamorga? On the way, they will explain to us why the vegetation changes so much, what is the reason for the capricious shapes of the mountains or what is that particular forest called Laurisilva… Do we prefer to go to Taborno? A perfect place to learn more about the first inhabitants of Tenerife, the Guanches, and how they lived; and also to know what the Anaga was like as those people saw and lived…

But also Chinamada, Punta del Hidalgo,… there are dozens of destinations offered by these guides, including one that involves returning by boat. There are not many beaches left in Tenerife that are not accessible by car. Today, all over the world, these places have become the most coveted: Antequera beach is one of the excursions that leaves the best taste in the mouth of those who dare, because like many of the walks in Anaga, it is a hard and demanding route if done on foot, going up and down several mountains from Igueste de San Andrés. At the end, an almost always empty beach awaits, where the seagulls cover the black sand because there is no one to scare them and where the water is crystal clear like in few other places.

Anaga Experience is a good option, where you will participate in an experience that aims as far as possible to boost the local economy and where the treatment is always exquisite.

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