Establishment that fuses the Galician, Andalusian and Canarian gastronomy to offer to its guests a unique experience. Situated very close to the sea in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it serves its guests an extensive and rich variety of dishes.

This restaurant is inspired by gastronomic romanticism, the search for simplicity and signature food. Located in a pleasant environment where you can enjoy multiple options such as elaborate dishes, snacks, Executive menu and brunch at the weekend.

A space in the city of Santa Cruz to enjoy American cuisine in a unique atmosphere, where you can have a taste of New York in Tenerife. Our kitchen team is composed of 4 people: one Head Chef, one pizza chef and two kitchen assistants with years of experience, to offer the best food and service to our customers.

Café Caramba is a new culinary concept specialising in snacks, sandwiches and Asian baos. All our dishes are manually prepared and only with the best ingredients.

The Cafetería Goiano is located in the central square of the Parque Bulevar, and has a great, large terrace. Different types of teas, coffee of the best quality and daily lunches are served in the cafe.

A perfect place to start the day with a good breakfast, followed by a homemade menu or a great opportunity to taste a wide variety of tapas for lunch, enjoy a nice afternoon snack and end the day with a tasty dinner.

A space with experience of more than 26 years in offering a wide variety of juices, sandwiches and executive dishes for all visitors to Santa Cruz.

An inviting place where you can enjoy quality raw material and healthy food. They specialize in sandwiches and salads.

The story tells that in the third decade of the 18th century, a group of fifty people from the Canary Islands managed to settle in a remote place of North America. […]

The story tells that in the third decade of the 18th century, a group of fifty people from the Canary Islands managed to settle in a remote place of North America. […]

Its concept is “the art of coffee”; in this inviting establishment you will find different high-quality products.

Located in one of the most emblematic areas of the city, it is a gastronomic space where you can enjoy a coffee or a delicious meal.

A pleasant café located in central Santa Cruz where you can enjoy snacks and drinks for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Crepería La Boheme is celebrating the 18th anniversary of the opening of the restaurant, that has become the reference Creperie in the island. The best homemade Crepes and salads made on-site, with fresh quality products. Those years of experience are a clear added value, with many tourists and local residents visiting us daily for an afternoon snack or dinner.

An ideal place to have a coffee or breakfast in the centre of the city of Santa Cruz. You can enjoy a great variety of dishes and executive menus with local and Italian flavours.

At La Xana Salón de Té there are delicious breakfasts available, served with seed breads and fresh products and you can taste up to 26 types of teas. In addition, they have a wide variety of homemade desserts.

Starbucks is a reference point for coffee lovers all around the world. One of the reasons for this is because people know they will receive genuine service, surrounded by an inviting atmosphere and a superb cup of roasted coffee carefully prepared by expert hands.

An inviting place where you can also enjoy pastries and other dishes, made free from animal ingredients. At Sweet Paradise you will find a variety of juices, cakes and hamburgers, made with local products, palm oil-free, white sugar-free, and fair trade cocoa, coffee and tea.

Since 1963, this iconic place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has been offering a great gastronomic selection based on homemade, fresh and healthy products. A place where you can find spontaneous market cuisine.

Since 1970, it has been at the service of all “chicharreros” as local residents are commonly called, and of everyone who visits us looking for a healthy and nutritious meal, in a pleasant atmosphere. We offer natural juices and dishes, perfect for breakfast, as an afternoon snack or light lunches and dinners.

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