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Get to know La Recova de Santa Cruz

Market of Our Lady of Africa
known as La Recova, is a very special place for the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. [/vc_column_text][/container][vc_column_text]

For years it has been a meeting point and a space open to the city and all its visitors.

Open since 1943, it is the Central Market of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. But what makes it such a special place for the capital? La Recova, located in a historic building in downtown Santa Cruz, keeps traditions alive and has been a meeting place for generations of customers and merchants.

A historic and unique space in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The building, in neo-colonial style, is arranged on 2 large floors, with open courtyards pleasant for strolling and for admiring the wide variety of fresh foods for sale.

The construction of La Recova was ordered by the Captain General of the Canary Islands, head of the Economic Command, General Ricardo Serrador Santés. This year La Recova celebrates its 75th anniversary.

The market was designed in a neoclassical colonial style, with a modern architectural and urbanistic sense. It has three large courtyards: a central one, which resembles a classic Spanish-style plaza, and two lateral ones, known as the west courtyard and the east courtyard. In addition to a first floor.

La Recova takes the pulse of the city’s gastronomy

La Recova is a source of fun and inspiration. As you walk through the stalls, you can enjoy the different aromas. If you like to cook, at every step your imagination flies thanks to all the variety of seasonal products, so visual and magnificently arranged.

Strolling through La Recova is to immerse yourself in an environment full of color, aromas and incredible flavors. It is the place where Santa Cruz islanders find the freshest food from the Canary Islands and products from other parts of the world, which provide that exotic and cosmopolitan touch so characteristic of the place.

Many restaurants in the city source good raw materials from their trusted stalls. The market and km0 cuisine here you have allies: the professionals who work every day to offer quality products and personalized attention. This, perhaps, is one of the great secrets and what encourages you to come back again and again.

Fruits, vegetables
. Flowers, sweet temptations, bakeries and all types of specialtiesas well as typical products. It also has cafes to stop and enjoy a unique atmosphere while you have a drink.

The magic of a market is in its wonderful vitality and the continuous explosion of colors brought by seasonal products.

A place to enjoy with the family

At La Recova, the day-to-day rhythm is different. On weekdays you can enjoy a friendly, everyday atmosphere. From Monday to Saturday the schedule is from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm. On Sundays it opens its doors at 7:00 am until 2:00 pm and on this day the atmosphere is very special. More bustling and equally interesting, if you want to experience an authentic day in Santa Cruz.

In addition, the Market of Our Lady of Africa is a perfect place to enjoy with the family. Shopping for fresh produce becomes an opportunity to teach children where food comes from and encourage them to eat responsibly and healthily.

The food, the people, the freshness, the beauty and the abundance carry with them a different perspective.

We hope you enjoy it. La Recova awaits you with open arms.

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