A restaurant offering dishes with 100% Italian ingredients and made in a pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant also has a terrace available for guests.

La Tagliatella emerged as a result of more than two decades of expertise in the traditional cuisine of Piedmont, Liguria and Emilia Romagna regions. You’ll find pizzas made in the traditional Italian “forno”; Carpaccio accompanied by genuine mozzarella di bufala and more than 400 combinations of pasta and sauces.

Pizzeria in Santa Cruz with a very spacious dining room and a spectacular terrace right at the seaport. Ideal for an outdoor drink and for enjoying a good pizza or a dish of fresh pasta. La Pizzetta is your pizza lover place.

PAPIZZAS offers an original product of the purest Italian gastronomic tradition for a new era, transforming the traditional triangle into rectangular pizzas.

An ideal place for pizza lovers where you can order pizzas by the metre, choosing from a great range of flavours and you can share your meal with your family too, in addition to various dishes and a wide selection of beers.

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